Electoral Area C Curbside Collection

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Take our survey on the proposed curbside garbage and recycling collection program for Electoral Area C.
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What do you think about the CSRD introducing a curbside garbage and recycling collection program in the South Shuswap?

Based on feedback received during the public consultation on the CSRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan in 2015, residents of Electoral Area C expressed an interest in exploring the option of a curbside garbage and recycling collection service. 

More recently, the Board authorized staff to commence a public outreach program within Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) to gauge the level of support for the establishment of a residential curbside collection program.  Outreach will include: mail outs, surveys and open houses. This will ultimately assist the Board in making an informed choice.  

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Staff have identified an option for the service that recognizes the mix of permanent and part-time residents in Electoral Area C.  
The base rate all homeowners will pay is approximately $135 annually. This fee will fund the costs associated with providing a collection truck that travels through local neighbourhoods picking up garbage or recyclables.

This option would offer a basic collection service including: 

  • Curbside collection of an unlimited amount of household recycling in a reusable container (e.g. Blue box, reusable bag, garbage can) once every two weeks.
  • The option for weekly collection of household garbage in a cart, with a fee of approximately $3 every time the cart is placed out for collection. Residents would only be charged this fee when the cart is set out for collection. One cart can hold approximately two average-sized bags of household garbage. 

Proposed costs

Under the proposed program, a service provider would be hired through an open-bid process. Each homeowner would receive a garbage cart, biweekly collection of recycling and access to weekly collection of garbage. In order to be cost-effective, the program would be mandatory. Homeowners would pay an estimated base rate of $135 a year for access to recycling and garbage collection services. 

Pay As You Throw

A user fee of $3 would be charged for each garbage cart pick-up.  Home owners will only be charged the $3 fee if a garbage cart is put out at the curb for collection. If you skip a week, a month or more, you wouldn’t be charged the $3 user fee. 
Garbage carts (120 litres) can hold about two large bags and are linked to your home via a barcode scanner. This enables home owners to only be charged if the cart is placed at the curb for collection. 
Recycling collection is included in the mandatory base rate for the program. Recycling will be collected on a biweekly basis in a reusable container of your choice. There are no limits on the amount of material put out for collection. Homeowners would be required to provide their own reusable container.

Next Steps

Currently, we are only exploring the option of launching a curbside collection program in Electoral Area C. No decisions are being made at this time. We want to hear your thoughts first!

Moving forward, we will be setting up open houses to hear directly from residents as well as sharing survey results and information here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about the proposed new curbside garbage and recycling collection service.

How often would my garbage be picked up?

You will have the option to put out your garbage cart on a weekly basis.

How much will I pay?

The service would include a garbage cart, biweekly pick up of an unlimited amount of recyclables and access to the weekly garbage collection, all covered as part of the mandatory base-rate fee of approximately $135.

Garbage collection would cost an additional $3 each time the cart is emptied at the curb.

What if I don’t have a curb?

Curb, curbside, etc. are common words used to describe a garbage/recycling collection program.  End of the driveway, edge of street, etc. could also be used!  Either way if you’re paying into the program you’ll have access to pick up services.

What if I go away on holidays?

This system is "pay-as-you-throw." You would only pay the $3 fee if your cart is emptied.

How will I be charged?

The garbage carts are attached to a tracking device that would record when it was used. This information would be used for billing.

If I put my garbage out once a month, how much will I pay each year? What about once a week?

The total cost for once a month is $171, biweekly would be $213 and weekly would be $291.  If you decide to never use the service you’ll still be charged the base rate of approximately $135.

How much will the garbage cart hold?

Capacity is 120 litres or approximately two large garbage bags.

How often will my recycling be picked up?

Once every two weeks.

Would I have to supply my own recycling container?

Yes. You could choose a bin, tote, recycling can, or reusable bag and purchase one that suits your needs best.

What items would be included in the recycling program?

Paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic containers, lids, and steel/tin containers, cans and lids.

Does my recycling have to be separated?

No. All the accepted recyclables can be mixed into one container.

What about other items like glass, plastic bags or Styrofoam?

CSRD recycling depots will remain operational and residents can continue to drop these type of materials off there.

What if I forget to put my recycling at the curb?

You can wait until the next collection date or take your items to any CSRD recycling depot, transfer station or landfill, where they’ll need to be sorted.

Where will the program operate?

That has not yet been determined and will depend on public feedback and the ability to deliver a cost-effective service. Your input will help to determine the recommended service area.

Could I opt out of this service?

Similar to other Area-wide services, there will not be the option to opt out of the base rate.  However, you have control over collection fees by limiting the amount of garbage you place out for collection

What would happen to commercial businesses already providing some of these services?

These companies are encouraged to submit a bid through the eventual Tendering process, should the CSRD proceed with the service.

Do I have to fill out the survey online?

You can obtain a paper copy of the survey by making arrangements through our office at 250.832.8194.