Re-Use Centres

CSRD Re-Use Centres

The CSRD has constructed Re-Use Centres within the Regional District. Re-use Centres can be found at the Scotch Creek, Skimikin, and Falkland Transfer Stations and the Golden, Salmon Arm, Sicamous and Revelstoke Landfills. Items that are reusable and in good working condition, can be placed for someone else to take home for free!

Information on how to deposit materials in the Centre and what to do when salvaging goods out of the Centre is available from the scalehouse attendant. All products entering the Re-Use Centre must be processed at the scale. A tipping fee of $80 per metric tonne for bulk loads will apply, or a minimum fee of $3 per bag equivalent will be charged for products. You do not have to be disposing of garbage to stop and inspect products in the Re-Use Centre.

Terms of Use:

  • Garbage transactions MUST be completed before entering the Centre
  • Items may be removed from the Centre for free, but you must obtain a salvage permit from the scalehouse attendant
  • Limit your visit to 15 minutes maximum
  • Materials must be in working order

Prohibited Materials

  • Hazardous/Toxic Materials
  • Cloth items (i.e. fabric, clothing, carpets, fabric upholstered furniture, curtains, etc.)
  • Liquids
  • Mattresses
  • Food
  • Building Materials (wood, drywall, concrete, toilets)
  • Refrigeration Units and Air Conditioners
  • Old Electronics (i.e. outdated televisions, VCR's, microwaves, etc.)