Scotch Creek Water Planning

This report was completed in a response to the need for a safe and reliable water source for the Scotch Creek community.

Currently, there are multiple private systems in the area, many of which, fail to meet Interior Health water quality standards. The report identified these existing systems and their shortcomings. It made design assumptions related to populations, and design flows, and proposed a new system based on these assumptions. Sources of water were also evaluated in the report. 

There is a renewed interest in constructing a system to address water quality issues and to encourage development in the Scotch Creek area. The primary interest of the CSRD is to provide good quality water to areas that have poor water quality now.

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Update - proposed water system 

November 4, 2019

Based on discussions with Electoral Area F Director Jay Simpson, and information gathered from recent meetings conducted with community stakeholder groups in Scotch Creek, CSRD staff will be recommending to the CSRD Board that current efforts towards the development of a community water system in Scotch Creek through the expansion of the Saratoga Water System and the associated referendum be discontinued at this time.

This discontinuation does not apply to the current expansion of the Saratoga Water System to include Copper Island RV Park.

CSRD staff will be recommending to the Board at the November 21, 2019 Regular Meeting, that Urban Systems be retained to conduct an engineering assessment of the development of a new, smaller community water system to service the property owners in and around Captains Village Marina only.  This engineering work would be conducted in preparation of an application for an infrastructure funding grant.

The CSRD will provide an complete update and news release following the November Board meeting.


October 18, 2019

Eligible voters in Scotch Creek will be asked to decide whether they support the development of a community water system to serve the area.

At the October 17 Regular Meeting, Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) Directors endorsed conducting a referendum to determine if there is community support for proceeding with a plan to expand the current Saratoga Water System.

Based on the 2018 Water Master Plan, the anticipated cost for Phase 1 of the project is estimated at approximately $8.9 million.

In August 2019, the CSRD’s funding application to assist with the development of the Scotch Creek community water system was denied by a Federal and Provincial Infrastructure program.

A new round of Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - Green Infrastructure grant applications was announced in September 2019, and the deadline is February 26, 2020. Approximately 73 per cent of the eligible costs could be covered through a successful application to this program. The remaining project costs will need to be borrowed. Without grant funds, the CSRD is not in a financial position to proceed with the project.

Community support is a key factor in strengthening the CSRD’s application under this granting program, which will be submitted if the referendum passes. A referendum date is still to be determined, however, the vote will be planned for January or early February, 2020, in order to apply for the grant before the deadline. The CSRD recognizes the referendum date may be concern for seasonal residents, therefore, a mail-in ballot will be available as an option, in addition to general and advance voting opportunities. Details on the referendum process and financial implications to residents within the service area will be provided in the next steps of the referendum process.

The Board also approved spending up to $100,000 to conduct the referendum and an associated public engagement and information process to help voters understand what this project will mean to them and the community. Urban Systems, the consultants involved in developing the Scotch Creek Community Master Water Plan, will assist with the community engagement process.

More information regarding the Scotch Creek Water plan and the proposed service option will be available at this site. As the process moves ahead, more information will be added, as well as being provided through public open houses, mail outs and email bulletins. There is also a dedicated email address for the project at

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Timeline of progress 

August 29, 2019

The CSRD was advised by the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program on August 28, 2019 that the grant application for the Scotch Creek Water Extension was not one of the projects selected for funding.

The Scotch Creek Master Water Plan identified a service area in Scotch Creek for which a community water system would be built, owned and operated by the CSRD. The project was intended to develop the first phase of an overall Scotch Creek water system valued at $8.9 million. Due to the costs involved with moving the project forward, it was subject to the receipt of 73 per cent capital grant funding from the provincial and federal governments. The CSRD applied to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for a grant of $6.5 million. Upon successful award of a grant, the CSRD was planning to move forward with a referendum (assent process) for residents in the proposed service area to determine community support for the project.  

Without these grants funds, the CSRD is not in a position to move forward with the project at this time. 

The CSRD will consider future grant opportunities for the capital infrastructure for the Scotch Creek Water Extension when they arise.

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September 2018

The draft report represents work completed to-date with the Scotch Creek Community Master Water Plan Advisory Committee and Urban Systems. Information and feedback received from the Open House was incorporated into the  report along with information that will makes up the Appendix reports. The final draft report was approved by the CSRD Board.

Map -  Loan Repayment Service Area
Map -  Proposed Water Service Area

Community Open House - Thursday July 26, 2018 

The CSRD hosted a public open house event to provide information on the progress made on the Scotch Creek Community Master Water Plan update of the 2007 Scotch Creek Water Study.  The Open House took place on Thursday, July 26, 2018 at the Scotch Creek Community Hall (Scotch Creek/Lee Creek Fire Hall).  

Open House PowerPoint Presentation
Open House Poster Board Presentation


July 12 & 16, 2018 Committee Workshop

The Scotch Creek Community Master Water Plan Review Advisory Committee met on July 12 & 16, 2018 at the Scotch Creek Community Hall to review the options for advancing a community water system in Scotch Creek and to select a preferred option.  The Committee approved the format of the presentation of the preferred option at the open house to be held on July 26, 2018.

March 13, 2018 Committee Meeting 

The first meeting of the Scotch Creek Community Master Water Plan Review Advisory Committee took place on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 1:00 PM at the Scotch Creek/Lee Creek Community Hall.

Urban Systems is the engineering consultant hired by the CSRD to undertake an update of the 2007 Scotch Creek Water Study.  

Meeting #1 PowerPoint Slide Presentation
March 13, 2018 Minutes of Meeting 

January 5, 2018

The CSRD engaged an engineering consultant to review and update the 2007 Scotch Creek Master Water Plan for the community of Scotch Creek in Electoral Area F. An advisory committee has been established with representatives of the CSRD, the Electoral Area Director, representatives from Interior Health, First Nations and members of the public (residential and business.)

There is a renewed interest in the community to address water quality issues and to encourage development in the Scotch Creek Area.  It is important to have an updated Master Water Plan in order to be ready for any potential grant opportunities that may be available in the future.  The Advisory Committee will work collaboratively to provide input and feedback to a final report drafted by the engineering consultant. The report will focus on the feasibility of developing a phased water system that could be expanded in the future, and will identify capital and operating cost estimates. 

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Committee Terms of Reference 

For further information please contact: 

Terry Langlois, Team Leader

T: 250.833.5941