Golden Landfill

In 2019, the CSRD hired Golder Associates Ltd., an environmental engineering firm specializing in landfill design and management, to provide the following documents for the Golden Landfill:

Design, Operation, and Closure Plan - Update
Landfill Monitoring Plan - Update
Landfill Conformance Review Report

These documents have been submitted to the Ministry of Environment for approval. The CSRD intends to host a public meeting upon receiving approval of the documents. The purpose of the meeting will be to share the plans with the public, provide the public with alternatives to the existing Golden Landfill and conduct a general Question and Answer session with the regulators and CSRD.

The CSRD is currently working on a Five-Year Report, as well as the annual report, for the Golden Landfill.  These documents will be posted to this website upon completion and submission to the Ministry of Environment.