Winter weather hampers Sunnybrae water line repair

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Repairs to the Sunnybrae Water System's intake line are being delayed due to extreme winter weather. 

A leak in the system's main water intake line was discovered in December and plans were to repair it in early January. Recent winter storms disrupted the initial efforts of the dive team to conduct repairs earlier this month.

The divers attempted once again to go out and complete the repairs on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Unfortunately, repair work was stopped again because the barge needed to transport them out into Shuswap Lake became completely frozen in the marina as a result of the extremely low temperatures. 

The repair crew is attempting to use chainsaws to cut through the ice and free the vessel. If successful, they will take the boat out into open water and anchor it there, which will enable the dive team to conduct repairs next week. If the barge can not be freed from the ice at this time, repairs will be delayed until this can be completed.

The leak in the water line is causing sediment to enter the intake line resulting in higher turbidity levels in the water supply. A Boil Water Notice for all users of the system was implemented as a result because high turbidity can interfere with the water treatment plant’s disinfection process causing an increased risk of illness. That Boil Water Notice remains in effect.

As a result, the CSRD and Interior Health advise that until further notice, all users of the water system are advised to:

  • boil their water at a rapid boil for at least one minute; or
  • add two (2) drops of fresh household bleach per litre of water; or
  • Use an approved alternative source of potable water (bottled water).

These directions apply to all water used for drinking, food preparation (including ice and produce) and dental hygiene.

The CSRD thanks water system users for their patience and understanding during these extremely challenging weather conditions and will continue to work towards getting the situation resolved as quickly as possible.