Advisory Committee - Scotch Creek Master Water Plan Update

Friday, January 5, 2018

The CSRD has engaged an engineering consultant t review and update the 2007 Scotch Creek Master Water Plan.  An Advisory Committee will be established to work collaboratively and provide input and feedback for the draft and final report to be delivered by the engineering consultant.

Specific tasks of the Advisory Committee include:

  • Provide comments, concerns, ideas, and opportunities to be considered in the planning process;
  • Assist in the development of plans for public consultation;
  • Participate in open houses or other public meetings;
  • Act as a representative of a larger stakeholder group where applicable;
  • Provide technical feedback relative to each specific Committee members mandate or expertise;
  • Review a report from a consultant that outlines options and recommended solutions; and
  • Review the first draft and final report from a consultant and provide comments.

The Advisory Committee will meet in mid to late February 2018 and approximately two additional times throughout the plan review and development period (approximately six months).  Members of the Advisory Committee should demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Willingness and ability to commit the necessary time over the plan development period;
  • Interest in the future of the Scotch Creek community;
  • Interest and participation in environmental matters;
  • Academic or technical qualification, work experience, professional expertise or local knowledge; and
  • Skills and experience related to roles and responsibilities of an Advisory Committee and ability to work toward consensus with people who hold different views (using an interest-based approach rather than a position-based approach). 

Residents of Scotch Creek who are interested in becoming a member of the Advisory Committee are asked to submit a completed Expression of Interest form by January 31, 2018.  

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