Area C Governance Study Concludes

Friday, August 25, 2017

Area C Governance Study

The Area C Governance Study has now concluded.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) received Provincial Government funding for a Governance Study in Electoral Area C of our regional district in 2016.   The governance study process was over one year in duration, involving a CSRD appointed Committee consisting of representatives from various communities within Area C, along with an extensive public community engagement process.

The purpose of the Governance Study was to:

  • Document and assess the current state of governance and service delivery in the South Shuswap.
  • Understand the concerns and interests of residents with respect to governance and service delivery.
  • Identify future governance and service delivery options for the Electoral Area.

The Area C Governance Committee concluded in June, 2017 with a Final Report and a recommendation to the CSRD Board.  

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Steve Wills, Chair of the Area C Governance Committee, and Allan Neilson, Neilson-Welch Consulting, presented the findings of the governance study to the Board on August 17, 2017. The CSRD Board fully supported the recommendations of the Committee and has adopted the following resolutions:

THAT: as recommended unanimously by the Area C Governance Committee at its June 29, 2017 meeting, the Board endorse the following recommendation:

Based on its review of the current governance and service delivery frameworks, the South Shuswap Governance Committee recommends to the CSRD Board of Directors that a restructure study for Electoral Area C be undertaken and that the restructure study examine two options:

  • the incorporation of a portion of the electoral area; and
  • the division of the current Electoral Area into two Electoral Areas.

THAT: the Board submit a funding request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, for a restructure study that would examine two options:

  • an incorporation study area; and
  • a determination of the exact boundaries for two Electoral Areas in Electoral Area C.

THAT: staff be directed to request a meeting with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing at the 2017 UBCM Convention to provide an update on the Governance Study initiative and to request funding support to undertake a formal restructure study.

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