Notice of Meeting - Electoral Area C Advisory Planning Committee

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DATE: Monday, February 27, 2017
TIME: 7:00pm
PLACE: Upper Level Cedar Centre - 2316 Lakeview Drive Blind Bay BC V0E 2W2 
1.  Call to order 
2. Review of Agenda Material 
3. Agricultural Land Commission Application LC2532  Subdivision in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) 
:  Kahn Whitehead
Civic Address: 4717 and 4718 Eagle Bay Road  
Legal Description: LS 16, Section 5, Township 23, Range 9, West of the 6th Meridian, Kamloops Division Yale District  
Short Summary: 
The owner would like to subdivide the property into 4 parcels (3 new lots + remainder). The proposed 3 new lots would be 1.0 ha. (2.47 ac) and the remainder would be 12.0 ha. (29.65 ac), and some area would also be required for road dedication. This property is partially within the ALR. Approval of the Agricultural Land Commission is required. 

APC Report (PDF) 


4. South Shuswap Zoning Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw 701-82 

 Development Services staff is proposing an amendment to South Shuswap Zoning Bylaw No. 701 to rezone properties currently zoned Large Holdings (LH) that are located within Notch Hill Estates and abutting Shuswap Lake on Rea Road in the Armstrong Point area of Electoral Area 'C'. The proposed amendment would rezone these parcels to Rural Residential 1 (4000 m2) RR1. 
The proposed amendment will be consistent with the Electoral Area 'C' Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 725, Interior Health and Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development policies, Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 641, and the Electoral Area 'C' Liquid Waste Management Plan. 
Staff is also proposing a mapping amendment to remove 5 crown land "areas" from the Large Holdings zone. · 
In developing the new zoning bylaw for Electoral Area 'C', all properties currently zoned LH will be reviewed, and will be zoned according to water and sewer servicing existing at that time. CSRD is initiating site specific rezoning of the noted subject parcels as staff have received public complaints and concerns regarding the current proposed density in the Notch Hill Estates and Rea Road areas. 
APC Report (PDF)
 5. Development Variance Permit 701-73 
Applicant:  Ric Cyr and James Haasdyk
Owner:  Christian and Missionary Alliance – Canadian Pacific District 15034
Civic Address: 5055 Eagle Bay Road 
Legal Description: Lot A Section 4 Township 23 Range 9 W6M KDYD Plan 34667   (PID: 002-937-697)
Short Summary: 
The subject property is located in Eagle Bay of Electoral Area 'C' and is subject to the regulations of South Shuswap Zoning Bylaw No. 701. The owners are applying to vary the side parcel setback for a new camp cabin. 
APC Report (PDF)


6. Development Variance Permit 641-23 
Applicant:  Corrie Stalker
Owner:  Corrie and John Stalker
Civic Address: 3120 Carlin Road 
Legal Description:  

That Part of the southwest ¼ of Section 33 Township 21 Range 10 W6M KDYD Except Plans 2844, H14421, KAP52812, KAP55494, KAP81117, and EPP15685 (PID: 014-072-831); 
Short Summary:
The subject property is located in the Carlin area of Electoral Area 'C'. The owners have applied to complete a boundary adjustment subdivision with a neighbouring property (Barlow). The owners of the subject property currently have a domestic water license for Tompkins Pond located on an adjacent property to the west. Tompkins Pond is not listed on Schedule "D" –List of Eligible Sources in Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 641 and therefore the owners have applied for a Development Variance Permit requesting to waive the requirement that the source of water for the subject property be on Schedule "D" –List of Eligible Sources. 
APC Report (PDF)


7. Electoral Area 'C' Happenings 
8. Other business 
9. Adjournment
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