Electoral Area B Advisory Planning Commission Meeting - 11-Sep./2019

September 11, 2019 - 12:00pm

DATE: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
TIME: 12:00 PM
PLACE: Boulder Room, Revelstoke Community Centre
600 Campbell Avenue, Revelstoke BC


1. Call to order – Determination of quorum
2. Documentation of members, staff, applicant and public present
3. Agenda Items:

Electoral Area B Zoning Amendment (Gagnon, et al) Bylaw No. 851-16

Owner/ Applicant: Francis Gagnon et al (7 strata lots, 10 registered owners).
Legal Descriptions
Strata Lots 1 – 7, Section 21, Township 23, Range 2, West of the 6 Meridian, Kootenay District, Strata Plan NES3881, together with an interest in the common property in proportion to the unit entitlement of the strata lot as shown on form v
Civic Address:
Lot 1 – 1909 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-371
Lot 2 – 1933 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-389
Lot 3 – 1941 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-397
Lot 4 – 1920 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-401
Lot 5 – 1923 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-419
Lot 6 – 1917 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-427
Lot 7 – 1912 Mt McPherson Drive PID: 028-626-435

Short Summary:
The seven properties that are subject to this bylaw amendment application are part of Strata Plan NES3881, located off Mt Begbie Road and accessed from the strata’s common road Mt McPherson Drive, in Electoral Area B. The subject properties are zoned CDB1 - Comprehensive Development B1 and within Development Area 1 of the Electoral Area B Zoning Bylaw No. 851 (Bylaw No. 851).

The property owners of the seven residential strata lots propose to add bed and breakfast (maximum 3 bedrooms) as a permitted secondary use to the CDB1 Development Area 1 zone; this would apply to all seven strata lots. Bed and breakfast is currently a permitted secondary use in almost all of the rural/residential zones in Bylaw No. 851 and the proposal is consistent with the surrounding rural residential zoned properties.

For strata lot 6 only, it is proposed by the property owners (i.e. applicant) that a vacation rental (maximum 5 bedrooms) be a permitted use for the subject property. The proposal for lot 6 also restricts the vacation rental to be operated by the permanent resident of the single family dwelling with which it relates, and this regulation is supported by the owners of the other six strata lots.

4. Applicant/Agent Presentation
5. APC Discussion
6. APC Recommendations
7. Adjournment