Board of Directors

Committee Appointments

In each year, the Chair and the Board make appointments to various committees and commissions in which the Regional District has a direct involvement.  

List of 2019 Board Appointments

The CSRD Board consists of 11 Directors, one each from six electoral areas (that are unincorporated, defined in area by the provincial government and identified separately by letters of the alphabet).  As well, there is one Director representing each of the member municipalities of Sicamous, Revelstoke, Golden, and two from Salmon Arm.

Directors from the regional district's member municipalities are known as Municipal Directors and are appointed by their respective municipal councils. 

Directors from the regional district electoral areas are known as Electoral Area Directors and are elected directly to the Board by the electors in the areas they represent and serve a four-year term. Each Board of Directors is headed by a Chair, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the regional district corporation.  

Each year, the Board elects one Director to serve as Chair and another to serve as Vice Chair.

Karen Cathcart

Director, Electoral Area A

Karen Cathcart is the Campus Manager for the Golden Campus of College of the Rockies.  She has been with the college for 15 years.  A focus for her is to ensure that the college is meeting the training needs of the community. 

Cathcart’s political experience has been four years as the Electoral Director for Area A – Rural Golden.  It has been a tremendous experience working with local residents about addressing issues and opportunities that are a priority for them.

When Cathcart is not at the college or working with local residents, you can find her with her family, her son and daughter in-law and two grandkids, Trey and Lexi. One of her favourite pastimes is shopping.

"What I love about local government is taking the time to meet with residents, finding out what their concerns are, and then working to assist them through the process.  I enjoy explaining to residents about how local government works – so I spend a lot of time explaining to folks what local government is and what it is not."

Karen Cathcart is the director for rural Golden (Donald, Blaeberry, Nicholson, Parson and Field).  

View Karen Cathcart's Committees
  • Area A Local Advisory Committee
  • BC Hydro Water Use Plans
  • Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee
  • East Kootenay Regional Hospital District
  • Electoral Area Directors Committee
  • Ktunaxa-Kinbasket Treaty Advisory Committee
  • Okanagan Regional Library Board (Alternate)
  • Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust

David Brooks-Hill

Director, Electoral Area B

Electoral Area B Director David Brooks-Hill is a lawyer who has been operating his own practice in Revelstoke since 2012. He enjoys the ability to practice law, while at the same time, living in the wilderness.

He also has a love for the people of the area who share his understanding and appreciation for life in the rugged landscape of Electoral Area B (rural Revelstoke).

A political rookie, Brooks-Hill feels a deep connection to the area through his enjoyment of camping, hiking and skiing.

In the summer he can be found traveling all over the Columbia River Reservoir in his small tin boat with his dog by his side. His mission: To find unique private campsites and areas to explore. In winter, he puts on his skis as often as possible. If he could be found anywhere in Electoral Area B, it would be out on Kinbasket Lake.

"The vastness and beauty of that area and the lack of almost any people is awe-inspiring and slightly terrifying in a small boat!" he jokes.

David Brooks-Hill is the director for rural Revelstoke (includes Trout Lake, Mica Creek and Albert Canyon). 

View David Brooks-Hill's Committees

Paul Demenok

Director, Electoral Area C

Columbia Shuswap Regional District Electoral Area C Director Paul Demenok has come a long way from his first foray into politics.

As a university student in the 70s, Demenok earned a place on the student council after running on a weighty and effective platform focused on: "Better concerts… Man!"

After being elected in 2012 as Electoral Area C Director, Demenok came out of a restful and enjoyable retirement from medical education and advertising to join the political arena in the growing area of the South Shuswap.

He says he's known for being creative, innovative, a communicator – not to mention a high handicapper. Demenok's also known for a love of family, music, travel, sports, reading and concerts. But if he had to pick one place in the South Shuswap to be, then put him out on the waters of Shuswap Lake.

"The South Shuswap is naturally beautiful and a great place to live, work, play and enjoy life."

Paul Demenok is the director for the South Shuswap (includes Blind Bay, Carlin, Eagle Bay, Kault Hill, Notch Hill, Sorrento, Shuswap Lake Estates, Skimikin, Sunnybrae and White Lake).

View Paul Demenok's Committees
  • Electoral Area Directors Committee
  • Milfoil Control Planning Committee
  • North Okanagan/Columbia Shuswap Regional Hospital District
  • Okanagan Regional Library Board (Alternate)
  • Parcel Tax Review Committee
  • Shuswap Economic Development Commission
  • Shuswap Regional Airport Commission
  • Shuswap Tourism Committee
  • Shuswap Watershed Council
  • Municipal Finance Authority (Alternate)
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC (MIABC) (Alternate)
  • Salmon Arm Economic Development Society (non-voting)
  • Area C Governance Study Committee

Rene Talbot

Director, Electoral Area D

CSRD Electoral Area D Director Rene Talbot's entrance into politics began in a coffee shop with a couple of fair-weather friends. Talbot was chatting with people about the upcoming election and it was suggested he run to represent Falkland-Salmon Valley in the CSRD.

"I knew nothing about it, so I did a little research, came back a couple days later and told those guys I'd run if they helped. I put in my papers and I never saw them again," he said with a laugh.

Armed with only 20 election signs, Talbot defeated his opponent and has now spent 16 years on the CSRD Board.

Talbot enjoys hunting and fishing, especially at Bolean Lake and loves to take his daughters, and now his four granddaughters, with him. He says the youngsters just love to go with grandpa, but it may be because he always has cookies and juice on hand. If he wants some solitude, Talbot will head out to the top of the mountains near Falkland.

"Being up there some mornings, when there's no people around and it's a bit crispy with snow, that's the best. Sitting in my truck with a sandwich and a coffee, taking it all in… You can't beat it."

Rene Talbot is the director for Electoral Area D (includes Silver Creek/Salmon Valley, Falkland, Ranchero and Deep Creek).  

View Rene Talbot's Committees
  • Electoral Area Directors Committee
  • Fraser Basin Council
  • Fraser Basin Council - Thompson Regional Committee
  • Milfoil Control Planning Committee
  • North Okanagan/Columbia Shuswap Regional Hospital District
  • Parcel Tax Review Committee
  • Shuswap Economic Development Commission
  • Shuswap Regional Airport Commission
  • Shuswap Tourism Committee
  • Shuswap Watershed Council
  • Sterile Insect Release (SIR) Board (Alternate)

Rhona Martin

Director, Electoral Area E

When it comes to choosing her favourite place in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, longtime CSRD Electoral Area E Director and Board Chair Rhona Martin said she cannot make just one choice.

"The moment I am there is my favourite spot for that moment. We have so many beautiful places to stop and take the time to reflect. We are truly blessed."

In addition to her 28 years on the CSRD Board, Martin also operates a family restaurant in Malakwa. Her business is a strong link to her community, and she enjoys her interactions with customers, even discussing her biography with them.

"One response describing me is: 'lefty but not nuts,'" she says with a laugh.

Martin counts five children, 17 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren on her family tree, and her roots go deep into the area.

"I love the people in my electoral area. I love their diversity and the way they have pride in their homes and family. I love that they are passionate about whatever it is that they do for employment and recreation and their caring in their own way for their neighbours and their community."

Rhona Martin is the director for the rural Sicamous (Swansea Point, Malakwa). She currently serves as the Chair of the Board.

Message from the Chair
View Rhona Martin's Committees
  • Electoral Area Directors Committee
  • Fraser Basin Council - Thompson Regional Committee (Alternate)
  • Labour Relations Committee
  • Milfoil Control Planning Committee
  • Municipal Fiance Authority
  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC (MIABC)
  • North Okanagan/Columbia Shuswap Regional Hospital District
  • Parcel Tax Review Committee
  • Shuswap Economic Development Commission
  • Shuswap Regional Airport Commission
  • Shuswap Tourism Committee
  • Shuswap Watershed Councill
  • Southern Interior Communities Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group (SIBAC)
  • Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT)

Jay Simpson

Director, Electoral Area F

Electoral Area F Director Jay Simpson has been involved in community service through Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce and has now taken his first step into serving the North Shuswap as a CSRD elected official. His goal is simple – make the North Shuswap a better place.

With a background in software development and travel sales, he's also grounded in the area by operating a business and his small family sheep ranch in Lee Creek, where he lives with his wife and teenaged daughter.

The lure of the lake and the rural and rustic flavor of life in the North Shuswap puttering around his farm offers tremendous appeal for Simpson -- as do its citizens.

"Our people are independent-minded and community-oriented with a 'get 'er done' attitude," he says, noting he enjoys spending his time with friends and neighbours at the Shuswap Hub restaurant, where there's always someone to talk to and share with.

An ideal sunny North Shuswap summer day would find Simpson sitting on a dock, book in hand, enjoying the view and the company of friends.

Jay Simpson is the director for the North Shuswap (Lee Creek, Scotch Creek, Celista, Anglemont, Magna Bay, St. Ives and Seymour Arm).  

View Jay Simpson's Committees

Caleb Moss

Councillor, Town of Golden

There's a lot of reading involved in politics, but this is an attraction for Town of Golden Municipal Director Caleb Moss. He loves to spend time reading and owns a bookstore, Bacchus Books, in Golden, as well as a book and gift store in Mexico. A self-described creative entrepreneur, Moss also an owner of a consulting firm that does governance training and strategic planning.

Moss returns to the Regional District Board table for a second term after being re-elected for a fourth term as Golden Town Councillor.

He is married to Niki, with five children between the ages of 18 and 24 and has lived in the region for five decades. While his endless curiosity can be satisfied by his books, Moss also can be found playing basketball, baseball or hockey. And in the spring, he loves the Columbia Wetlands best.

"Golden Town and Area A of the Regional District is perhaps my favourite piece of dirt on this planet," he said. "It is 100 per cent home… It's just such a ridiculously beautiful place."

Councillor Caleb Moss is the Town of Golden’s appointee to the CSRD Board. He serves as the Vice Chair for the CSRD Board.

View Caleb Moss's Committees
  • Okanagan Regional Library Board
  • East Kootenay Hospital District
  • Columbia Basin Trust Governance Committee
  • Columbia River Treaty Local Governments Committee

Gary Sulz

Mayor, City of Revelstoke

Being approachable and empathetic are traits that have been key components of Revelstoke Mayor and CSRD Municipal Director Gary Sulz' career, both as a funeral director and now into his political life.

Sulz has spent more than 38 years in funeral service, listening and helping families. Sulz is a longtime community member, having lived in Revelstoke for more than 34 years. In 2014, he brought his skills to local government, joining the City of Revelstoke as a Councillor and now advancing to the Mayor's chair. Sulz will now also represent Revelstoke on the CSRD Board.

He works hand-in-hand with his wife Chrissie and has three sons and eight grandchildren to enjoy.

To get away from it all, Sulz can be found driving the highways on his Honda Valkyrie motorcycle, or the quieter pursuits of gardening and woodworking.

Sulz is renewed by visiting the abundant green spaces in his community, saying the connection to nature keeps him grounded.

"I love the people of my community and the connection to the natural surroundings."

Mayor Gary Sulz is the City of Revelstoke’s appointee to the CSRD Board. 

View Gary Sulz's Committees

Terry Rysz

Mayor, District of Sicamous

"Live More" is the District of Sicamous' motto and it is one which Sicamous Mayor and CSRD Municipal Director Terry Rysz applies equally to his own life.

Now in his second term as Mayor and the CSRD representative, Rysz's enthusiasm shows through when he talks about his passions – his wonderful wife, two incredibly talented children and his six amazing grandchildren. He also has a passion for the outdoors, enjoying riding his quad and the back-country sledding that is so popular in his area. 

Rysz also loves hockey, and the team sport also plays to one of his own strengths in life – building successful teams to get things accomplished.

An ideal day would find him up on the Owl Head trails or out on Shuswap Lake, enjoying the adventure of being in such naturally beautiful surroundings.

"The Sicamous landscape and the character of its people make this journey an absolute pleasure," he said. 

Mayor Terry Rysz is the District of Sicamous’ appointee to the CSRD Board.  

View Terry Rysz's Committees
  • Milfoil Control Planning Committee
  • North Okanagan/Columbia Shuswap Regional Hospital District
  • Shuswap Economic Development Commission
  • Shuswap Regional Airport Commission
  • Shuswap Regional Airport Operation Committee
  • Shuswap Tourism Committee

Kevin Flynn

Councillor, City of Salmon Arm, City of Salmon Arm

Kevin Flynn needs more than two hands to count his years of political experience, having just been re-elected as a Councillor for the City of Salmon Arm for a fifth term and re-appointed to the CSRD Board.

He balances his political life with his work as a certified financial planner and employee benefit specialist. Also enjoying his work together with his spouse and business partner, Cathy Bartsch. Flynn has two stepsons, who both live in Salmon Arm, and recently welcomed the addition of his first grandson to the family.

Describing himself as active, competitive and intense, it's no surprise one of Flynn's passions is sports and he loves to spend his time on the greens and fairways of the Salmon Arm Golf Club. He also enjoys getting out on another of his favourite places, Shuswap Lake, which also satisfies his craving for action and adventure.  

When asked what he loves about his home community, Flynn didn't say "everything" but he came close.

"It's the people, the location, the climate. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else… except maybe Maui!"

Councillor Kevin Flynn is one of the two City of Salmon Arm appointees to the CSRD Board.  

View Kevin Flynn's Committees
  • Milfoil Control Planning Committee
  • North Okanagan/Columbia Shuswap Regional Hospital District
  • Shuswap Tourism Committee

Chad Eliason

Councillor, City of Salmon Arm

"Work hard, play hard" is Salmon Arm City Councillor and Municipal Director Chad Eliason's mantra.

Now in his fifth term as a Salmon Arm Councillor and his second term with the CSRD, Eliason hasn't shied away from diving into additional roles.

He's past-president of the Southern Interior Local Government Association and currently sits on the Board of the Union of BC Municipalities and the Municipal Insurance Association of BC. And when he's not working hard in municipal politics, Eliason is also a Mortgage Broker.

Eliason's play-hard element comes in many forms. He spends his time hiking, running, biking cross-country skiing, and playing soccer and volleyball. This is exactly why he appreciates the four seasons of the Shuswap: there's something to enjoy at any time of the year.

If you could find Eliason anywhere in the Shuswap, it would be in the trail systems of South Canoe or the Larch Hills.

"These are world-class trail systems, right in our backyard."

Councillor Chad Eliason is one of the two City of Salmon Arm appointees to the CSRD Board.  

View Chad Eliason's Committees
  • Milfoil Control Planning Committee
  • North Okanagan/Columbia Shuswap Regional Hospital District
  • Shuswap Tourism Committee
  • Sterile Insect Release Board