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Algal bloom update from the Shuswap Watershed Council

The Shuswap Watershed Council (SWC) is providing an updated explanation on the large algal bloom occurring in Salmon Arm Bay.

Just last week, the SWC released the 2019 Shuswap Water Quality Report. 
“The large bloom this year is a result of several factors, all working together in a ‘perfect storm’ scenario,” says Erin Vieira, program manager for the SWC. 

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Shuswap Watershed Council awarding five grants for water quality improvement

The Shuswap Watershed Council (SWC) is awarding five grants this year to help farm businesses in the Shuswap watershed improve nutrient management, and ultimately protect water quality by reducing nutrient-loading to creeks and rivers.

The total value of the grants being awarded is $65,470. The expense was approved at the June 17 SWC meeting, with grants being awarded to the recipients pending site visits to the farms.

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