Video Recordings

The CSRD records all of its Regular Board Meetings each month. A recorded version of the meeting will be made available for the public to watch. See the links below to access the recordings of current meetings. 

Due to video processing through Zoom, there can be a delay of a few days before the recording is made available on this webpage. This recording will be available until the date of the next regular Board meeting, at which point it will expire.

For more information on attending the Board Meeting, or how to use Zoom, please see our Public Participation page.

Please note: Regular Board Meetings usually have an in-camera session, which is closed to the public, pursuant to Section 90(1) of the Community Charter. The Zoom viewing schedule will be adjusted based on the timing of this closed session.

Other meetings

The CSRD may choose to record other meetings, open house sessions or public hearings. If recorded, the links to the meeting can be found below:

  1. Board Meeting Recording - May 18, 2023

    Access the links to the video recordings for the May 18, 2023 Regular Board Meeting. This link will be live until the next Board Meeting on June 15, 2023. Read on...