Board of Directors

CSRD Board 2019 Standing

The CSRD Board consists of 11 Directors, one each from six electoral areas (that are unincorporated, defined in area by the provincial government and identified separately by letters of the alphabet). As well, there is one Director representing each of the member municipalities of Sicamous, Revelstoke, Golden, and two from Salmon Arm.

Directors from the regional district's member municipalities are known as Municipal Directors and are appointed by their respective municipal councils.

Directors from the regional district electoral areas are known as Electoral Area Directors and are elected directly to the Board by the electors in the areas they represent and serve a four-year term. Each Board of Directors is headed by a Chair, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the regional district corporation.

Each year, the Board elects one Director to serve as Chair and another to serve as Vice Chair. Currently Salmon Arm Municipal Director Kevin Flynn is the Chair, with Electoral Area E Director Rhona Martin as Vice-Chair.

Committee Appointments

In each year, the Chair and the Board make appointments to various committees and commissions in which the Regional District has a direct involvement. View the list of 2022 Board Appointments.

  1. Karen Cathcart

    Karen Cathcart

    Director, Electoral Area A

  1. David Brooks-Hill

    David Brooks-Hill

    Director, Electoral Area B

  1. Paul Demenok

    Paul Demenok

    Director, Electoral Area C

  1. Rene Talbot

    Rene Talbot

    Director, Electoral Area D

  1. Rhona Martin

    Rhona Martin

    Director, Electoral Area E

  1. Jay Simpson

    Jay Simpson

    Director, Electoral Area F

  1. Caleb Moss

    Caleb Moss

    Councillor, Town of Golden

  1. Gary Sulz

    Gary Sulz

    Mayor, City of Revelstoke

  1. Terry Rysz

    Terry Rysz

    Mayor, District of Sicamous

  1. Kevin Flynn

    Kevin Flynn

    CSRD Board Chair; Councillor, City of Salmon Arm

  1. Tim Lavery

    Tim Lavery

    Councillor, City of Salmon Arm