Lakes Zoning Bylaw

Three young women picnicking on a dock in White Lake.

What Changed with the Adoption of Bylaw 900-25?

Lake Location MapAt the August 15, 2019 Board Meeting, the CSRD Board of Directors formally adopted Lakes Zoning Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw Number 900-25. This means the maximum size for docks on a number of Shuswap-area lakes has been increased from the previous bylaw. It applies to: Humamilt Lake, Hunakwa Lake, Little White Lake, Shuswap Lake, White Lake, and portions of Adams and Mara Lakes. 

Docks in the Foreshore Park Zone, which would include CSRD parks, will now be allowed to a maximum of 40 square metres. Minor increases were also made to the width of a dock and the width of walkways used to access it.

Prior to adoption of this bylaw, there was extensive public consultation, which included a survey filled out by more than 300 people and public hearing, as well as sampling of the average dock sizes in the area. Then CSRD Directors reviewed staff's recommendation to increase the dock size and then adjusted the final measurement to 33.45 square metres (360 square feet.) This was done to assist the construction industry, which often works with imperial measurements.

Residents with questions regarding the installation and use of docks on a specific property can get more information by calling 250-833-5904 or emailing the Planning department.

Lakes Zoning Bylaw Number 900Old RegulationNew Regulation

Dock platform size Single Family Residential

24 m233.45 m2
Dock platform size parks24 m240 m2
Dock platform width3 m3.05 m
Walkway width1.5 m1.52 m

Background Information

Lakes Zoning Bylaw Number 900 was adopted on August 16, 2012 in response to public concerns regarding docks and private mooring buoys being placed in the Shuswap Lake system. At that time, the maximum permitted size of a dock in foreshore residential zones was set at 24 m2 to match the maximum dock size allowed by the Province at that time.

In the last few years, changes were made by the Province which increased the maximum size for a dock. These changes apply to both freshwater and marine docks over all of BC. In response to the provincial changes, there was public interest in increasing the maximum dock size allowed under Bylaw Number 900. This is why Lakes Zoning Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw Number 900-25 was developed.

At the August 16, 2018 Board Meeting, Development Services staff presented Lakes Zoning Amendment (CSRD) Bylaw Number 900-25 to the Board of Directors. 

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