Property Taxes

Calculator and Paperwork

The CSRD is not a taxing authority and does not directly collect your rural, school, and Regional District taxes. If you are a rural property owner, your tax notice is sent to you from the Surveyor of Taxes in Victoria. For more information regarding your Property Taxes, go to the Ministry of Provincial Revenue-Taxation Branch website.

City of Salmon Arm, City of Revelstoke, District of Sicamous or Town of Golden property owners should contact their local government for information regarding property taxes as payments are made directly to the municipality.

The CSRD provides information with your tax notice to help explain how your tax dollars are spent. Check out the information for your Electoral Area below.

Property Tax Information - 2022
Electoral Area A (PDF)
Electoral Area B (PDF)
Electoral Area C (PDF)
Electoral Area D (PDF)
Electoral Area E (PDF)
Electoral Area F (PDF)

Payment Options

Since the Regional District cannot issue the Property Tax notices, we also cannot collect payments for them.  The Provincial Government is responsible for the collection of taxes in the rural areas of British Columbia.

For payment information, please go to the Provincial Government's How to Pay your Rural Property taxes webpage.