Mosquito Control

Close Up of a Mosquito

The CSRD currently administers mosquito control programs for the reduction of the nuisance effect of mosquitos in:

  • Golden and Electoral Area A
  • Revelstoke and Electoral Area B
  • Scotch Creek (Program cancelled for 2022)

Morrow BioScience Ltd. provides the program in Golden and Electoral Area A and BWP Consulting Inc. provides the program for Revelstoke/Electoral Area B.

Program FAQs

  • If you have questions about the CSRD's program, which uses, a bacterial larvacide to control mosquitos, view the Mosquito Program FAQ (PDF).
  • Concerned about catching COVID-19 or other diseases from mosquitos? Your questions may be answered in our frequently asked questions specifically focused on mosquito disease transmission. View the Disease Transmission FAQ (PDF).

Suspension of Mosquito Control in Scotch Creek - 2022

The CSRD will not be conducting mosquito control in the Scotch Creek area for the 2022 season. 

The newly elected Chief and Council of the Little Shuswap Lake Band (LSLB) decided to withdraw the mosquito control program from the service agreement between the CSRD and the LSLB and will no longer allow treatment to take place on their lands in the Hilliam Road area of the Scotch Creek Indian Reserve.

The mosquito control program will not be effective in addressing the nuisance mosquito issue if the areas of significant mosquito breeding habitat on the Band lands and Shuswap Lake Provincial Park and campground are removed from the treatment program.

As a result, the CSRD is cancelling the program which would have started in the spring. The mosquito control program in Scotch Creek was previously cancelled in 2020. However, following citizen complaints and discussion with BC Parks and the previous Chief and Council, the program was reinstated in 2021.



In 2019, BC Parks denied the CSRD’s application to conduct mosquito control in Shuswap Lake and Tsútswecw Provincial parks. In addition, the Little Shuswap Lake Band determined it would not allow the CSRD to treat for nuisance mosquitos on their lands in the Hilliam Road area.

The CSRD decided to cancel the 2020 program because those restrictions removed critical mosquito habitat areas from the program, rendering it ineffective.

Mosquito nuisance in Scotch Creek was an issue throughout the 2020 season and resulted in a large number of complaints from the public to various government agencies. As a result, the Little Shuswap Lake Band and BC Parks began discussions with the CSRD on options for bringing mosquito control back to the area in time for the 2021 mosquito season.

In order to do this, the CSRD Board approved spending up to $2,500 for the review and update of the Pest Management Plan:

The service was reinstated for the 2021 mosquito season.

Policy & the Program

Helicopter Over TruckMosquito control programs administered by the CSRD are developed and delivered to address the control of nuisance and annoyance factors associated with mosquito activity. The Regional District's mosquito program is not directed at controlling or addressing the health impact of mosquitoes, including in relation to the West Nile Virus. The Regional District will not be investigating, responding to or in any way addressing the potential health impact of mosquitoes as part of this program.

Break the Cycle

A pro-active control program concentrates efforts on the physical and biological control of larvae before they become a nuisance. The most permanent prevention of adult mosquito annoyance is through the physical reduction of the problem, at the source. Where draining and filling of wetlands and other mosquito habitats is impractical and undesirable, an overall reduction of adult mosquitoes is best achieved through larval control. 

Biological control using the product VectoBac 200G and Vectobac breaks the cycle by controlling larvae. This material contains a naturally occurring bacterium commonly known as Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis). It has no harmful effects on beneficial insects, frogs, fish, birds or mammals.


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