Groundwater Monitoring

Person with Bucket Inspecting Groundwater

Groundwater samples are collected from a network of monitoring wells, domestic wells and surface sampling points within the communities of:

  • Anglemont
  • Celista/Magna Bay
  • Nicholson
  • Seymour Arm
  • Sorrento/Blind Bay
  • Sunnybrae
  • Swansea Point
  • White Lake

Samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis and the findings are compared with data from previous years to assess the impacts of domestic septic effluent on groundwater conditions in those communities.

Samples are taken twice per year in the Sorrento/Blind Bay area and Nicholson. Sampling is done once per year in Anglemont. Groundwater Monitoring Reports are completed in December of each year.

Water Quality Concerns in Nicholson

Multiple monitoring studies conducted on the Nicholson Aquifer indicate the groundwater in the aquifer is being impacted by septic fields in the area. This is a concern from a health and environmental perspective, both for the aquifer itself and for those who are using wells as a source for drinking water. Information was provided to residents in a letter, view the Letter to Residents (PDF), and in the Nicholson Water Feasibility Study (PDF), along with the results of the 2019 Groundwater Monitoring Project (PDF).

As of November 2020, residents of Nicholson are not supporting any CSRD effort to develop a community water system or conduct further groundwater testing. Without the community support and a willingness to pay for the cost of establishing services, the CSRD does not have the mandate to develop a water treatment system in the area at this time.

Due to the health implications associated with the levels of nitrites and biological contaminants in the groundwater drinking source for residents, CSRD Directors and staff remain concerned. The Board passed a motion at the Thursday, November 19, 2020 Regular Board Meeting to continue to advocate for additional involvement from the Province.

Groundwater Mapping

View groundwater information for the entire CSRD in the Groundwater Mapsheet Index Web Application.


View Environmental Monitoring Reports.