Electoral Area F: Proposed Parcel Coverage Bylaw Amendments

Development Services staff is proposing amendments to all three zoning bylaws in Electoral Area F: Anglemont Zoning Bylaw No. 650 (Bylaw No. 650), Magna Bay Zoning Bylaw No. 800 (Bylaw No. 800), and Scotch Creek/Lee Creek Zoning Bylaw No. 825 (Bylaw No. 825). The amendments proposed would change the parcel coverage regulation from 25% to 30% in specific residential zones that affect waterfront properties along Shuswap Lake and the upland parcels with the same zoning. These amendments do not apply to commercial or industrial-zoned parcels.

Parcel coverage is typically the footprint of buildings and structures within the vertical projection over a parcel and is expressed as a percentage of the parcel area. It does not apply to non-building impervious surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

The CSRD Board of Directors gave first reading to these amendments at the September 19, 2019 Board meeting and supported sending out referrals to ministries, agencies, First Nations, local qualified professionals, builders and industry professionals who work in and have a vested interest in the North Shuswap.

See the Board Report and supporting documents below. They provide extensive background information and the rationale for staff recommending an increase to 30% parcel coverage.

Feedback Opportunities

The most valuable comments for staff are ones that provide thorough detail and explanation for why, in your professional opinion, parcel coverage should increase, by how much, or stay the same. This detail will help staff and Directors better understand professional and industry perspectives and potential implications, positive or negative, for increasing parcel coverage.

Referral responses will be reviewed by staff and Directors in order to gain perspective and a better insight regarding the potential impact increased parcel coverage may have on the North Shuswap community including factors like safe building sites and septic designs.

To share your input, please follow the link below to complete the on-line comment form.

Comment Form

 You can also e-mail your comments to cbenner@csrd.bc.ca, or mail them to:  

CSRD c/o Candice Benner, Planner II. 
555 Harbourfront Drive NE 
PO Box 978
Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 4P1

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Background Information

Below are links to the Board Report, amending bylaws, and supporting documents from staff to the Board of Directors at the Regular Board Meeting held on September 19, 2019. The Board Report and supporting document discuss the proposed amendments and the rationale behind them. They give a description of what parcel coverage means, how it applies, what parcels are affected and the different factors that staff considered.

Board Report - First Reading

Staff Board Report: Download

Bylaws - First Reading

Bylaw No. 650-14: Download

Bylaw No. 800-32: Download

Bylaw No. 825-41: Download

Supporting Documents - First Reading

Bylaw Excerpts: Policy and regulation taken from the Electoral Area F Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 830 (Bylaw No. 830),  Bylaw No. 650, Bylaw No. 800, and Bylaw No. 825 that is directly applicable to these amendments.


Parcel Coverage Comparison maps: example ortho photographs of 25%, 30%, 35%, and 40% parcel coverage.


Analysis Data and Maps: maps and data showing applicable zones, parcels, slopes, example analysis of buildable area for Anglemont​. 


Groundwater Absorption Coefficient (GAC) map: the percentage of a parcel that should be free of impervious/impermeable material, such as paved driveways, concrete patios, and buildings as outlined in the OCP.


PowerPoint: slides presented at the Board meeting, September 19, 2019. Has examples of parcel coverage area, what parcel coverage is and is not, etc. 


* Please note: All referral comments received by the CSRD are public information and will be made available to the CSRD Board of Directors at a future Board meeting. Your feedback regarding these amendments is valued and appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to provide comment. Staff anticipate taking these amendments and referral comments back to the Board at its December 2019 or January 2020 Board meeting. 

Board agendas can be viewed on the Meeting Agendas & Minutes webpage.

For further information please contact: 

Candice Benner, Planner II
Development Services 
T:  250.833.5960
E: cbenner@csrd.bc.ca