Current Planning Applications & Decisions

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Applicant File Location Documents Type
Anne M Wyssen Peter Wyssen LC2511 ALR Application
Armstrong Point Resort (Michael and Marianne Hacquard) DP725-82 Development Permit
Barry Palumbo DVP641-27 Development Variance
Benesh, Edward DP830-173 Development Permit
Bergen, Clifford and Donna DP830-180 Development Permit
Bernacki, Peter Bell, Melinda Mickle, Richard TU850-04 Temporary Use Permit
Birkich, Pina Birkich, Stanko Dingman, Yolanda LC2533 ALR Application
Blackham, Murray and Donna DP725-87 Development Permit
Blast Developments Inc DVP800-26 Development Variance
Blast Developments Inc. DP830-177 Development Permit
Brausse, Timothy and Annette DP830-194 Development Permit
Brausse, Timothy and Annette EX825-05 Exemption
Brighton, Shayne and Suzanne BL851-08 Bylaw Amendment
Bruce and Kathleen Remington BL900-16 Public Hearing, Public Hearing Bylaw Amendment
Catherine and Deane Gerry DP830-126 Development Permit
Catherine Bow LC2507 ALR Application
Catherine Dickison EX701-25 Exemption
Catherine Gerry DVP800-25 Development Variance
Christian & Missionary Alliance (Canadian Pacific District) DVP701-73 Development Variance
Clarke, Robert and Cindy LC2520 ALR Application
Columbia Shuswap Regional District Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw No. 648 BL648-1
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL2066
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL701-86
Public Hearing Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL800-26
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL825-34
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL650-11
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL2064
Bylaw Amendment
Columbia View HomesLtd. LC2536 ALR Application
CSRD for The Owners of K46 aka "Totem Pole Resort" BL900-14 Bylaw Amendment
Darcy Lux BL900-18 Bylaw Amendment
Dave Anderson Triton Docks Inc. (Agent) DP830-199 Development Permit
David Olson & Jacqueline Kennedy DVP800-22 Development Variance
Delbert and Margaret Schneider Ross Rathbone DP830-197 Development Permit
Diana Dickinson DP850-10 Development Permit
Donald and Kathryn Lefevre DVP800-27 Development Variance
Donald K Munk / Downie RV Resorts BL850-07 Bylaw Amendment
Donald K Munk / Downie RV Resorts BL851-03 Bylaw Amendment
Edmund and Deborah Shimoon BL701-77 Bylaw Amendment
Flanders, Carolyn DP830-176 Development Permit
Fred and Eleanor Clark Titon Docks DP725-107 Development Permit
Glen and Donna Brown DVP701-70 Development Variance
Glenwood Beach Properties Rollheiser, Steven and Jean EX701-27
6581 Eagle Bay Rd Unit:17
Hansford Land Corporation TU850-08 Temporary Use Permit
Hary-Cro Holdings Ltd DVP701-72 Development Variance
Hary-Cro Holdings Ltd DP725-95 Development Permit
Ian Greene LC2523 ALR Application
Ian Sudbury DP725-55 Development Permit
Jameus, Rachel DP830-178 Development Permit
Jamie and Janice McCaffrey TU850-05 Temporary Use Permit
Jan and Donald Gray Triton Docks (Agent) DP830-201 Development Permit
John and Corrie Stalker DVP641-23 Development Variance
John and Maureen Assman DP830-125 Development Permit
Julie and Ross Paul EX800-07 Exemption
Karl Bischoff and Neil Bischoff Browne Johnson LC2512 ALR Application
Kelly Forbes TU850-06 Temporary Use Permit
Kevin and Suzanne Beckner DP725-89 Development Permit
LeClair Holdings - Bill LeClair EX701-23 Exemption
Long, William and Ina DP830-184 Development Permit
Long, William and Ina DVP825-24 Development Variance
Magnavista Estates Ltd., Inc. No. BC0472903 DVP800-18
Development Variance
Marshall, Peter and Wendy DP830-191 Development Permit
McKay, Scott DP725-80 Development Permit
Murry (Jack) Blair DP701-74 Development Permit
Neil Bischoff Karl Bischoff LC2535 ALR Application
Noah and Katherine Ralston BL2557 Bylaw Amendment
Park Point Development Rumsey, Barbara DP830-185 Development Permit
Radej, Simon Sienkiewicz, Aneta DP725-72 Development Permit
Riddoch, Donald and Beverly BL2067 Bylaw Amendment
Ross and Julie Paul DVP800-24 Development Variance
Schmidt, Allen and Catherine DVP701-63 Public Input Development Variance
Schweb, Jesse and Arleigh DVP2500-15 Development Variance
Shannon and Geoffrey Abell Derek Donaldson DVP641-19 Development Variance
Shimoon, Ed and Deb Pederson, Ron DP725-04 Development Permit
Shuswap Lake Estates BL701-87 Bylaw Amendment
Shuswap Lake Estates BL725-08 Bylaw Amendment
Shuswap Lake Estates DP725-98 Development Permit
Sorrento Place Holdings Ltd Venier, Aldo DP725-78 Development Permit
Stephen Butchart Lavern Butchart DP725-104 Development Permit
Stephen Revell Roberta A. Lundberg Law Corporation TU850-07
Temporary Use Permit
Stephen Revell Roberts A. Lundberg Law Corp LC2518 ALR Application
Steve Connolly Patricia DeHart DVP641-18 Development Variance
Steve Connolly BL830-17 Bylaw Amendment
Steve Connolly BL800-28 Bylaw Amendment
Steward, Rodney Dever, Lorraine DVP641-22 Development Variance
Susan Moore (Applicant - Myles Thorp) LC2515 ALR Application
Suzanne and Shayne Brighton BL850-09 Bylaw Amendment
Svenson, Brian & Lola EX701-26 Exemption
Svenson, Brian & Lola DVP701-69 Development Variance
Svenson, Brian & Lola DP725-64 Development Permit
Tekamar Mortgage Fund Ltd. Kalaram Developments Ltd. LC2522 ALR Application
Thompson, Timothy and Tracey DP725-26 Development Permit
Tilstra, John and Corinne DP725-92 Development Permit
Vinje, John DVP900-01 Public Input Development Variance
Warriner; Doug, Linda Warriner Cyril Warriner Joan, Warriner Glenn DVP641-21 Development Variance
William and Jill Kubica DP830-202 Development Permit
Wood, Dale LC2526 ALR Application