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Effective March 5, 2018, each property owner who wishes to undertake construction in Areas B, E and F will need to apply for and receive a building permit (and, in most cases, a plumbing permit too) before commencing construction. Building permits are required for most construction, demolition and excavation, including: 

  • construction of a house, townhouse, commercial and industrial building
  • construction of accessory buildings, including most garages and sheds
  • demolition of a building
  • significant alteration to or repair of an existing building (e.g. structural changes, electrical updates, construction of a second floor deck, moving of plumbing)
  • changes to the use or occupancy of an existing building (e.g. from a garage to a dwelling, or from a residence to a commercial use)
  • relocation of a building
  • alterations that affect a venting or sewer- age system
  • installation of a factory-built or manufactured building
  • installation of a temporary building
Application Forms & Resources  

Complete Building Permit Application Package

(fillable PDF that includes the Development Guide, Application Forms, and Building Information linked below)

Development Guide where there is Building Inspection  Download

Application Form 

(to apply for the following types fo permits: Building Permit, Plumbing Permit, Solid Fuel Burning Permit)


Guide to Building Permits 

(complete guide that includes the individual documents linked below)

Building Permit Application Process Download
Guide to Building Plans  Download
Sample Site Plan Download
Building Permit Application Checklist Download
Building Code Changes Download
9.36 Energy Efficiency Design Worksheet Download
Ventilation Design Checklist Download
Climatic Data Table Download
Types of Inspections Download

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