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1. BCBC Revision 5 – Energy Efficiency: Housing & Small Buildings

2. BCBC Revision 7 – Ventilation, Radon, Daycares, NFPA, and editorial revisions

Any building permit application received after December 18, 2014 must comply with these new requirements.

Building Inspection Service Open Houses

This new and expanded service will start beginning January 1, 2018 in Electoral Areas B, E, and F. It will require property owners to apply to the CSRD for and receive a building permit prior to beginning construction on their property. Six building inspections will be completed by a CSRD Building Inspector during construction. 

The CSRD will be hosting 3 Open Houses

Electoral Area B - June 8, 2017
Electoral Area E - June 7, 2017
Electoral Area F - June 5, 2017 


Relevant Information

Building Inspection Services Overview Download
Building Scenarios - Renovation Download
Building Scenarios - Construction Download
Building Inspection Glossary - Building Plans Download
Building Inspection Glossary - Application Documents Download
Building Inspection Services FAQ Download
Cost of Building Inspection Download


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Welcome Download
What is Building Inspection Download
Value of Building Inspection Download
When does it start Download
How does Service Work Download
Cost of Building Inspection Download
Glossary Part I Download
Glossary Part II Download
Building Scenarios - Renovation Download
Building Scenario - Construction Download


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Deadline for submissions is June 23, 2017.


Program Information

Building Regulation/Inspection is a function of the Development Services Department.

The CSRD Building Department works to protect you and your property by ensuring that buildings conform to codes and regulations. Our goal is to help you avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls by providing permits, inspection services and advice on the Building Bylaw and the BC Building Code.

The CSRD does NOT issue the following permits:

Service Area

Currently, Building Inspection Services are provided to only one area of the CSRD. That portion of Electoral Area F, extending from Lee Creek to St. Ives lying along the North shore of the Shuswap Lake. Use the Online Mapping to find your property.


The Building Inspection Department is primarily responsible for processing building permits and performing a modified audit inspection program within those areas of the CSRD serviced by the Building Regulation Bylaws.

Title Number Electoral Area  
Building Regulation Bylaw No. 630 630 Electoral Area F Link

Development Guides

Development Guides  
Where there is Building Regulation/Inspection Download
Where there is No Building Regulation/Inspection Download

Application Forms

There are separate application forms for building and plumbing, please apply separately. 

Building Permit Application Form Download
Plumbing Permit Application Form Download
Agent Authorization Form Download
View Planning Application Forms and Guides Link

Application Requirements

See the list of documents the CSRD needs when submitting your building permit application.

Accessory Building Link
Accessory Structure Link
Addition / Renovation Link
Complex Building Link
Decks Link
Demolition Link
Mobile Home Link
RV Parks Link
Single Family Dwelling Link

Building Inspector Availability

The Building Inspector may be contacted at the offices of the CSRD in Salmon Arm. Office appointments are to be scheduled directly with the Building Inspector. Required site inspections may be scheduled by phoning the CSRD offices at 1.888.248.2773. The owner must provide the Building Inspector a minimum of 48 hours notice requesting an inspection.  For further information refer to Section 8 of the Building Inspection Bylaw No. 630.

We are having Open Houses for information on our new Building Inspection Service. Click here to find out when.

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