Proposed Noise Bylaw No. 5754

Over the course of the last year the CSRD Board has discussed complaints from pertaining to loud and disruptive noises created by some landowners and tenants in residential areas.  This discussion led to a Board recommendation on March 23, 2017 instructing staff to develop a  proposed Noise Bylaw to help deal with noise related issues.  On April 20, 2017 the Board gave first reading to Noise Bylaw No. 5754 which provides regulations pertaining to loud and disruptive noises emanating from individuals, equipment, or vehicle use that are deemed to be objectionable and that may generally be disturbing the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of individuals or the public. 

The main intent of the proposed Noise Bylaw is to provide the bylaw enforcement staff, and just as importantly, RCMP, with ticketing ability for the most egregious noise-related infractions, most often occurring during the evening/night and summer months.  The proposed bylaw provides prohibitions against individuals or property owners from disturbing others peaceful enjoyment of their property or neighborhood.  The bylaw proposes that:

  • Any loud or disruptive sounds that may be heard by a neighbouring property or other premises in the vicinity be prohibited between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM; and,
  • Construction-related activities and excavation or fill on lands that generates noise that can be heard from a neighbouring property or other premises in the vicinity is prohibited between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. 
  • Bylaw contraventions may be enforced by a CSRD Bylaw Enforcement Officer or Peace Officer (e.g. RCMP) as appropriate and can involve fines of up to $1000 via proceedings under the CSRD Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw No. 5776, as amended. 

The regulations and ticketing provisions of proposed Noise Bylaw No. 5754 are tools which would provide the RCMP with a level of discretion that they would not have otherwise in dealing with such noise related complaints through the Criminal Code.  CSRD Bylaw Enforcement staff would prioritize the noise complaints received and work with the RCMP in the enforcement of the bylaw.  However, due to limited CSRD staffing, the very large geographic size of the CSRD, and concern for the safety of staff, it is not considered practical or desirable to have CSRD Bylaw Enforcement staff patrolling or investigating noise complaints in the middle of the night or throughout the weekends.  Noise complaints at those times should be made to the local RCMP.

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