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Dog Control Program Information

The CSRD Dog Regulation and Impounding Bylaw outlines the dog control regulation for areas of the regional district that have a dog control service established.  Currently, there are two areas in the regional district with full dog control:

The service is intended to promote responsible dog ownership and accountability by reminding dog owners to ensure their dogs are not causing problems within the neighbourhood. Having an agressive, barking or roaming dog can create issues in your community.

Dog control also allows residents to obtain a dog licence for their dog, report a stray, lost or found dog and report any dog that is dangerous, unlicenced, unwanted or improperly controlled.

The CSRD Dangerous Dog Control Bylaw outlines the dangerous dog regulation.  The entire Electoral Area F has a dangerous dog control program in effect, which is strictly in response to dangerous dogs only.  Dog Licencing in Electoral Area F is voluntary. 

Please contact the SPCA for any concerns outside of Bylaws or Licensing such as animal cruelty.

K9 Dog Control Services is contracted by the CSRD to provide dog control services, which includes the investigation of barking dogs, dangerous dogs and the rescue of dogs at large.  Please visit the K9 Dog Control Services website for contact information or to make a complaint.  

K9 Dog Control Services


Every dog (over the age of 4 months) who resides within Ranchero or Electoral Area C must be licenced.  Licences are issed by the CSRD and must be purchases before January 31 in each calendar year.  Licences are valid from January 1 to December 31 annually.  Each licence, regardless of when it is purchased, expires on December 31 of that year.

Dog Licence Poster

Annual Dog Licence Fees

Type of Licence                                                                                                            Annual Licence Fee
Spayed Females/Neutered Males                                                                             $ 15.00
Unspayed Female/Unneutered Male $ 50.00
Kennel Licence (three or more dogs)                                                                                  $ 200.00

Where to Buy

Dog licences can be purchased at:

CSRD Main Office, 555 Harbourfront Drive NE, Salmon Arm BC
Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque or debit

The following locations also sell dog licences on behalf of the CSRD:  

Blind Bay Village Grocer Blind Bay Country Market
K9 Dog Control Eagle Bay Store
Old Dog, New Tricks, Blind Bay Petro Canada, Sorrento
Tappen Co-op  
Payment methods accepted at the above locations are cash or cheque

For further information on dog licencing, please contact the CSRD

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