Refuse Disposal Fee Schedule for Scaled Transfer Station Sites

Skimikin, Scotch Creek

Effective February 1, 2018

Item Definition Disposal Fee Minimum Charge
Refuse Requiring Deep Burial (i.e. Waste Asbestos) Wastes requiring authorization for disposal from the CSRD and waste requiring  extra contractor time to facilitate immediate deep burial. Not accepted n/a
Asphalt Shingles Asphalt roofing shingles, does not include shingle  wrap, or torch on membrane. $100/tonne $5
Bagged Waste Garbage contained within a bag or a container holding a volume up to 26” x 36” or 17 imperial gallon equivalents. $3/bag $3/bag
Mixed Load Refuse mixed with Marketable Waste $160/tonne $10
Demolition Waste Refuse containing Drywall or Asphalt Shingles  $240/tonne $10
Refuse Loose garbage – not bagged or in a container. $80/tonne $5
Bulky Waste Items with a volume greater than one and a half (1.5) cubic metres and items greater than two and a half (2.5) meters in length. $160/tonne $5



Cement, aggregate (generally gravel and sand) and water, as a hardened mixture, but must not contain asbestos, large amounts of metal protruding. $80/tonne $10
Gypsum or Drywall Including but not limited to off cuts or scraps from new construction and old drywall that has been painted, covered in wallpaper, etc., but does not include asbestos $100/tonne $10
Land Clearing Waste Vegetation including branches, woody materials and non-contaminated soil from land clearing and grubbing, utility line maintenance and seasonal or storm related cleanup. $160/tonne $10
Mattresses Standard mattresses, box springs or similar material with or without coiled springs used as a bed or as a support for a bed. $15/item $15
Refrigeration Units (in addition to disposal fee) Items containing Ozone Depleting Substances (any and all chemical agents that, upon release into the atmosphere, have a detrimental effect on stratospheric ozone levels). NO CHARGE NO CHARGE
Metal Waste  Ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials, including but not limited to, sheet metal, siding, roofing, rebar, flashings, pipes, window frames, doors, furnaces, duct work, wire, cable, bathtubs, fencing, bicycle frames, automotive body parts, machinery, garbage cans, metal furniture, tire rims. NO CHARGE NO CHARGE

Pumping from septage treatment facilities, parking lot drainage sumps, or run off from vehicle washing stations.

$45/tonne $5
Soil (clean) Soil, sediment or fill material which does not contain the substances in quantities or concentrations greater than those specified in the Contaminated Sites Regulation. Not accepted  n/a
Soil (contaminated) Soil or sediment or fill material containing substances in quantities or concentrations greater than those specified the Contaminated Sites Regulation but which is not a hazardous waste under the Hazardous Waste Regulation or a controlled waste as listed in CSRD Bylaw No. 5759. Not accepted  n/a
Wood Waste-Chipped Yard and Garden Waste, Wood Waste-Clean and/or Wood Waste-Treated that has been processed to 60mm thick by 150mm length, free of metal and refuse contamination. $15/tonne $5
Wood Waste means all wood materials except materials defined as Yard & Garden Waste. $40/tonne $5
Yard & Garden Waste Organic materials, substances or objects including, but not necessarily limited to, grass, lawn and hedge clippings, grass sod, flowers, weeds leaves, vegetable stacks, shrubs, and shrub and tree branches less than 200 mm (8 inches) in diameter. NO CHARGE NO CHARGE

Only Small Loads accepted at transfer stations

“Small Load” means solid waste to be disposed of at refuse transfer stations not exceeding 1,000 kg net weight at scaled sites or 10 m3 at unscaled sites per open day per credit account holder, or per vehicle (if vehicle is not registered to an credit account).

The charge for mixed waste loads will be double the charge of the highest charged component of the load

  • Scaled Landfill Sites – Golden, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm, Sicamous
  • Scaled Transfer Stations – Skimikin, Scotch Creek
  • Unscaled Transfer Stations – Falkland, Glenemma, Malakwa, Parson, Seymour Arm, Trout Lake

Re-Use Centre locations: Golden, Revelstoke, Sicamous and Salmon Arm Landfills, Scotch Creek, Falkland Transfer Stations