Hazardous Waste Collection Depots

The CSRD now offers a free year-round residential disposal option for hazardous materials at the Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and Golden Landfill sites. 

Household hazardous waste is any waste from your home that contains corrosive, toxic, flammable or reactive ingredients.  These products need to be properly and safely disposed of.  

Common examples of accepted materials include:

Old fuel Solvents Abrasive cleaners
Grease Pool chemicals Fuel additives
Pesticides Tar Oven cleaners
Adhesives Chemical fertilizers Insecticides

Items not accepted for disposal at any site include:

Explosives Ammunition Flares
Biohazardous waste Industrial/Commerical waste Pharmaceuticals

Improper disposal of hazardous waste is a safety concern, as well as an environmental risk.  Please follow the instructions of the site attendant when disposing of your materials.

Hours of Operation Day of Week Time
Salmon Arm Hazardous Waste Collection Depot Saturdays Only 9 AM - 4 PM
Revelstoke Hazardous Waste Collection Depot Saturdays Only 10 AM - 4 PM
Golden Hazardous Waste Collection Depot Saturdays Only 10 AM - 4 PM

The Golden, Revelstoke and Salmon Arm Hazardous Waste Collection Depots also accept used oil, oil containers, oil filters, antifreeze and antifreeze containers. 

The Revelstoke Bottle Depot and Bill's Bottle Depot in Salmon Arm will continue to accept recyclable items such as electronics and paint products with a label free of charge.

Please note that the Golden Bottle Depot accepts electronics and beverage containers only.

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